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Buy BC-Hash online Do you want to try something different today? Our suggestion is to check this high-quality hash used

Bear Dance marijuana strain(28grams)

Bear Dance weed strain Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica THC: 33% Bear Dance is a super rare sativa dominant hybrid strain.

Bear OG BHO Shatter

Bear OG is a strain from Amber Brick that has been all the rage for quite a while. A ground-breaking

Berry White weed strain(28grams)

Berry White weed strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. Also, Berry White marijuana strain is a cross between Blueberry and

Bhang Black High THC Vape Oil Cartridges

(hybrid) Gorilla Glue #4 (72.94% THC) (indica) Blue Cheese #4 (75.59% THC)

Bhang Black Private Reserve High THC Vape Vape

Buy Bhang Black Private Reserve High THC Vape Vape Cartridges (500mg – 4 strains) For the Connoisseurs. Most elevated THC

BHOMB Hardcore OG Shatter

Buy BHOMB Hardcore OG Shatter  The hash of decision for Action Bronson, and the Hardcore OG is both the most

Big Bud Marijuana(28grams)

Big Bud Marijuana strain Big Bud Marijuana is a legendary marijuana strain that has been around since at least the

Big Smooth Weed(28grams)

Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa THC: 18% – 26% Big Smooth is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain. Also, it is

Black Beauty weed(28grams)

Black Beauty gets a lot of its mystique and appeal from its storied history. Supposedly rescued as part of a